Botany Test Series 2018

Our Test Series will not help students to predict; but will prepare them in writing Precise, Clear, Concise and Conclusive answers to whatever questions they might face in the exam.

6 Reasons To Choose L2A Test Series

In-depth Discussion Classes to give clear approach to the students

Complete model answers for each test

One to one discussions with each student

Timely Evaluation

Personalised Feedback and guidance in answer writing

Evaluation by faculty itself


Test series includes 15-20 specially designed innovative classes covering each and every topic of entire syllabus plus lectures on 5 contemporary topics along with discussion of last 5 years mains question papers.

On Students Feedback & Suggestions

Complete Model Answers to all Questions along with case studies and flowcharts with schematic representations to answers will be provided for all the 14 Tests

Flexi test series

students can take tests as per their convenience before the respective test discussion date