Best History Optional Coaching FOR IAS

The History module offered by L2A is aimed to cater to the preparation of topics covered in GS-I of UPSC mains and the History portion of Prelims. The importance of History in understanding India’s issues and develop a perspective on our current predicaments is immense. Therefore, disregarding History as just another theoretical subject marked by a number of dates will not help aspirants. On the other hand, it is vital for students to develop an understanding of the subject, be it Ancient, Medieval or Modern, be it Indian or World to ensure that the answers to the questions asked are score-worthy.

To help the aspirants in achieving this feat, we bring the History module in both English and Hindi covered by our senior faculty.

The topics covered are Indian History (Ancient, Medieval and Modern) and Contemporary World History.

What You Will Learn

UPSC mains optional Syllabus and Exam orientation.

Effective presentation of answers through daily writing practice sessions.

Comprehensive Test Series covering entire syllabus.

6 Reasons To Choose L2A Academy

In-depth Discussion Classes to give clear approach to the students

Complete model answers for each test

One to one discussions with each student

Timely Evaluation

Personalised Feedback and guidance in answer writing

Evaluation by faculty itself