Best Environmental Strategy Coaching For IAS

In the notifications that UPSC issue, they are very consistent about the fact that the candidates they are looking for should be vigilant and have a good grasp of everything happening around them. Thus, environment forms a major part of UPSC preliminary exam with atleast 20% of weightage by marks. Here, we have tried to provide the basic understanding of what constitutes in UPSC environmental syllabus.

How to Prepare

There are many books and coaching notes in the market but seeing the dynamic and unpredictable nature of the subject, there is no concrete material available. Considering this many aspirants find it difficult to prepare and lose substantially in Prelims. It is very important to know the basics from the NCERT texts or any book, but is that sufficient?

In this article we are going to deal with following aspects without detailing the syllabus. Many aspirants start on a higher note but without knowing the need or essence, they get stuck in between and lose energy. This costs them severely and the vicious cycle of preparation goes on.

Let us address the issues going to be covered

What to read?

  • The most important aspect of preparation is sources and resources that build your confidence as well as chances.
  • Basic texts like NCERT’s- Geography from 6th and 12th and Biology, 12th (Old and New)
  • You can also refer to ICSE books – Class 10th and 11th
  • The Hindu, Down to Earth and Science Reporter

 Keep this in mind while preparing for Environment

  • A simple approach for environment related topics is a mix of static and dynamic portion.
  • Here we will not tell you to exhaustively cover everything on earth but to simply relate and learn in a smarter way.
  • While going through the article, you will know how to pick issues from newspapers and relate it to static portion.
  • It is to make your life easy. Make sure that your preparation is as easy as it could be. There is nothing to panic in life. At least environment section should not panic you after going through this.

 How to pick issues?

  • It is explained later in this article.
  • The purpose of this article is to make you understand the diverse nature of this section and how it can be fine tuned with right approach.
  • We have not explained elaborately on what topics are important or what not (unlike the Core subjects like Polity, Geography, Economics, History) as this section needs a strategy different from the Core subjects. If we tell you to focus only on certain aspects, then you will be taken for a ride. So, what we have done is, we have chalked out a path, for you to make the right choices and cover this section smartly.

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